Our Mission

Every body has a story.

Naked Labs® believes that every human body has a story. We use 3D body scanning to show people how their bodies are changing over time in an objective and holistic way. This understanding helps them tie efforts to results and reach their goals — empowering them to write their own story.

Building a body model platform.

We envision a future where the world isn’t designed for any body, but for your body. Imagine clothes tailored to the 10th of an inch, dynamic fitness and health care plans, airplane seats that feel molded to your curves — all enabled by your precise digital body model. This is an entirely new kind of data, and we’re excited to help people harness it.

Our Story

Naked Labs® was founded in 2015 by Farhad Farahbakhshian and Ed Sclater. Farhad first had the idea for Naked while working as a spin instructor in the Bay Area. Every year around January, he’d see an influx of new clients after the New Year, all excited to make a change and get healthy. Sadly, after just a couple months, the vast majority had abandoned their gym routines because they weren’t seeing any results — even though they were making progress. Naked was designed to help people stay motivated by showing them their progress as it happens, rather than forcing them to rely on unreliable methods like weight or selfies, which can often be misleading and demotivating.*

Our Team

Naked is built on the belief that the best ideas stem from a diversity of opinions, experiences and backgrounds — our team ranges from ages 23 to 60, our offices are 6,000 miles aparts, and we work with partners across 7 countries. We're an ambitious, highly-collaborative crew made up of brainiacs and athletes of all stripes. Our diversity of passions — art, yoga, cycling, crosswords, race car driving, cooking, ice hockey, languages, volleyball — help us connect with one another and our users.

Get to know Naked.

Anna Bogatch

Sr. Software Engineer

Luke Bornheimer

UX Designer

Lauren Braun

Head of Product & Marketing

Amy Brewster

Head of Talent & HR

Christoph Brunnhofer

Firmware Engineer

Doug Chan

VP of Operations

Stanton Chan

Program Manager

Dheeraj Chawla

QA Engineer

Audrey DeNeffe

Content Marketer

Farhad Farahbakhshian

Co-Founder & CEO

Rylan Hazelton

Head of Cloud

Rich Heye

SVP Engineering

Manuel Hofer

Engineer, Computer Vision

Peter Kreuzgruber

Head of Hardware

Christoph Leitner

Engineer, Computer Vision

Markus Mueller

Engineer, Computer Vision

Bennett Ng

Research Scientist

William Nguyen

Head of Computer Vision

Alli Rath

Head of Marketing & Customer Experience

Gerhard Schultes


Ed Sclater

Co-Founder & COO

Edwin Taferner

Head of Firmware

Dave Thomas

Document Control Specialist

Hana Thompson

Customer Experience Specialist

Michael Ulm

Software Engineer

Beleena Veera

QA Engineer

Thomas Ward

Customer Experience Specialist


Co-Chair, Welcoming Committee


Co-Chair, Welcoming Committee

Shaun Dog

Intern, Welcoming Committee