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5 Reasons Why Black Friday is Healthier Than Cyber Monday

We're a startup so technically we should be all about Cyber Monday, right? Well, we're also all about health, so the long and short of it is: Black Friday is secretly great for your health! Here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. Shopping burns serious calories.

A person of average build burns about 500 calories in three hours of shopping. If you have big plans for a full day of shopping on Black Friday, you can definitely skip the gym to make it to store early for that free TV.

For the overachievers among us, there are plenty of fun ways to squeeze in even more Black Friday activity. Try choosing the furthest parking space to maximize steps. A little bit sadistic? Challenge yourself to hit every store in the mall. When you're stuck in line for ages at checkout, you can always try a couple calf raises to kill the time. Don't forget your favorite step tracker so you can marvel at all the miles you walked--you can even have a contest with your friends and family: whoever has the least steps at the end of the day has to make well-deserved turkey sandwiches for everyone else.

2. Shopping gets you out and about for healthy human-to-human connection.

Sure, shopping online is convenient, but sometimes it's nice to get out, get moving, and interact with your fellow humans. Studies show that the number of people we interact with on a daily basis, including strangers and acquaintances, has an impact on our sense of belonging, as well as our happiness.

3. Getting the bulk of your shopping out of the way in one day saves stress.

It may seem counterintuitive because shopping on Black Friday brings the added stress of wading through hoards of other eager shoppers, but completing a large part of your Holiday to-do list in one day equals less of that harmful, nagging stress in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Getting your shopping done early and having time to plan everything means you can do your wrapping gradually, making your holiday preparations more enjoyable and less of a chore.

4. Carrying all your bags and packages adds to your sneaky workout while also helping you watch your spending.

Carrying all your purchases with you will help keep more you aware of your spending while giving your arms a little post-Thanksgiving workout. Be sure to carry your bags in both hands rather than loading up on one side, otherwise you could injure a shoulder. If you are getting overloaded and need to get rid of some of your bags, just remember that trip to the car means even more steps! #winning

5. You get to spend more time being active with your loved ones.

Black Friday may seem a bit daunting when all you want to do is nap and eat leftovers, but getting out and about with your family is a great way to maximize meaningful time together in a way that isn't entirely centered around eating.

Happy shopping, Naked fam! #nakedlabs

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