Work with a trainer to transform your body.

Realistic, visual goals

Work with your trainer to set achievable goals that you can track with Naked scans.

One-on-one coaching

Connect with a world-class personal trainer who has helped people like you.

Personalized plan

Follow an exercise, nutrition, and recovery plan that they create specifically for you.

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Set goals based on your 3D scan.

With guidance from your trainer, set acheivable goals for body fat, muscle mass, and measurements based on your 3D body model.

Follow a weekly plan designed for you.

Personalized workouts

Every week, your trainer will create up to five custom workouts.

Workouts will include a mix of resistance training, cardo, and HIIT based on your goals, access to equipment, and performance.

Nutrition coaching

Improve your eating habits with feedback from your trainer.

As they say, abs are made in the kitchen. Personal guidance around nutrition, macros, and meal-timing will help drive your tranformation.

Rest and recovery

Guidance on muscle recovery, rest, and sleep to reinforce your progress.

Based on your workouts, your trainer will assign dynamic recovery activites like foam-rolling, yoga, or stretching on your rest days.

Work with the best trainers, remotely.


The daughter of an NFL player, Crystal Hart knows there are no shortcuts. She has spent the last 8 years transforming her own eating and exercise habits. Crystal is a pilates instructor and nutrition coach — she believes that mind-body connection is the key to lasting behavior change (and a strong core).

Certifications Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, The Lagree Fitness Method
Specialization Nutrition coaching, interval training, neuromuscular strength and conditioning

A former college baseball player, Christian Archer has been passionate about exercise his entire life. He’s spent 10+ years as a personal trainer, primarily at Equinox, guiding clients to reach their goals, understand their bodies, and perfect their form.

Certifications B.S. Kinesiology, NASM, Kettlebell level 1 & 2, Precision Nutrition level 1
Specialization HIIT training, sports-specific training, posture correction, weight loss

Once an overweight kid, Dylan Phillipy has dedicated himself to fitness. As a personal trainer, he works with clients of all ages and abilities. Whether the goal is weight loss, injury rehabilitation, or athletic performance, Dylan’s workouts focus on proper movement patterns for everyday life.

Certifications B.S. Kinesiology, NESTA CPT, RKC, Precision Nutrition level 1
Specialization Olympic lifting, kettlebells, body fat reduction, functional biomechanics
Share your scans to stay on track.

Once a week you'll review your scan with your trainer who will use it to track your changes, tweak your plan, and keep you challenged.